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PJSC Rosneft is rated by two leading international credit rating agencies and by one largest Russian credit rating agency. The Company is rated Baa3 with Stable outlook by Moody’s Investors Service, BBB- with Stable outlook by S&P Global Ratings and ruAAA with Stable outlook by Expert RA. Rosneft pursues a balanced credit policy and is constantly working on credit portfolio optimization and minimization of risks.

S&P Global Ratings

The initial rating’s dateRating
05.02.2019 BBB-
04.02.2015 BB+
28.04.2014 BBB-
16.04.2013 BBB
26.05.2008 BBB-
12.01.2007 BB+
31.07.2006 BB
01.12.2005 B+
18.05.2005 B-
23.10.2001 B

Moody’s Investors Service

The initial rating’s dateRating
29.01.2018 Baa3
25.02.2015 Ba1
20.01.2015 Baa3
21.10.2014 Baa2
04.07.2007 Baa1
26.10.2005 Baa2
18.05.2005 Baa3
25.02.2002 Ba3

Expert RA

The initial rating’s dateRating
28.07.2017 ruAAA